Hello boys and girls, a challenge for you...how about writing three sentences using these subordinators? Each sentence should also contain a new word you have learnt in class and you would like to remember...:-). I hope this time some of you (who I know are secret readers on this blog, cheeky monkeys!) will write something.... .:-)))


ANNA said...

In spite of being very tired, I went to the cinema last night.

ANNA said...

Hi Monica,

How are you doing?

This is my sentence with "nevertheless"

I worked very hard to get a better job. Nevertheless I couldn´t get it, my effort wasn´t enough.

A big huge for everybody,

ANNA said...


this is the last one with "even thought".

I´ll go to see the doctor even thought,after have taken a painkiller, I feel better.

Thanks a lot,

The Doctor said...

Hello Monica,
My sentences:
1.- In spite of my mean brother , I inherited this ring from my mother.
2.- Even though I was starving , I didn't eat anything.
3.- Nevertheless , I could make it up with my girlfriend.
See you on Friday in our first exam.
A big hug for you and of course for all the bloggers.

Monica Stacconi said...

hello guys...I was pleasantly surprised this morning when I logged in, for I didn't expect any comments so early after posting this grammar challenge :-)
Fine Anna, some corrections:
"huge" means "enormous" and it is different from "hug". "even though" (spelling without "t"), and "after HAVING TAKEN/TAKING" (before and after are followed by -ing forms).
Doctor, ok. I see you used new words learnt in class ;-). I suppose that we must assume that there is a sentece before the full stop and "nevertheless" (like " I had an argument with my gf. Nevertheless...).

Estela said...
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Estela said...

Ok, I'll try ^^

In spite of my headache, I had to go to work.
Even tough it was a rip off, I finally bought it.
I teach him how to use the photocopier. Nevertheless, he was like a fish out of water using it.

Although I'm suposed to be in Advanced 2, I have wrote it in order to keep my gramar ^^'

See U!

Monica Stacconi said...

hi Estela! nice to see you again...
nice sentences, though you wrote "tough2 instead of "though"....and "taught him" past simple...;-)

Soledad said...

Hi everybody! I´m going to write only a sentence with all. Let´s do it:
In spite of the fact this year I´m grateful of being a cheeky monkey again I´ll try not to speak in spanish, even though it´s a challenge for me... Nevertheless I´m sure I´ll do it!
And now Monica, is your tourn, how many mistakes I´ve made?

Monica Stacconi said...

Hi Sole eheheh, good sentence, only "grateful FOR" and "Spanish" (capital "S")...;-)

Miguel-Kun said...

Hi! Here goes my sentence:
"In spite of having been chosen by Monica to talk, even though I hate talk in public, and due to my awful speech that I made yesterday; nevertheless for all these, I promise I'll do it better in June."

Monica Stacconi said...

the final "nevertheless2 doesn't fit in very well...it would make sense after something like: "I made an awful speech. Nevertheless,I promise..."..I think you have got a sophisticated way of thinking and complicate it a bit too much..that's why you find it difficult to express yourself and lose your thread...we will have to work on that ,;-)..too many languages perhaps?
by the way..tomorrow is one of my gym's anniversary and the coaches will present (finally!) combat 37...looooong activities day2
seeya in class

Miguel-Kun said...

Ok, I'll try to reorder the sentence and do it less complicated. It's the first time somebody I think in a sophisticated way. I've never though it. Maybe, one reason can be I try to use all the things we are learning in short sentences. Because of that, I use to get lost when I speak.
In other hand, in your gym you are late with Body Combat. Rebeca told us she want to "introduce" the new one in December. I'm sure you'll enjoy it a lot. My favourite tracks are the fourth (we will survive, not Gloria Gaynor's song) and the sixth (Jeremy), but in general it a very good choreo (the best). Ah! I'm also sure you'll have stiffness.

Mar said...

Hi Monica, here is my sentence:

I've been workng in the same company for three years and, even though I've to work shifts and sometimes do a lot of overtime, I'm happy with it because it's a very flexible job and I don't have to work many hours; nevertheless, the salary is terrible.

Thanks, and see you on Tuesday!

Monica Stacconi said...

Very well Mar...it's nice to see you back on the blog..;-)
Miguel, "I usually get lost" (used to is only for the past), and "on the other hand" :-)
I am thrilled thinking I will do combat 37 tomorrow. I have been watching it (downloaded) these days and it seems to be hard. Besides, because of the anniversary...I will also try "kick power" in the afternoon..which is a new programme created here by the people coming tomorrow...I'll let you know..(also about my stiff muscles...sigh).so we are late! I know! If Rebe and Santi had not left...we would have also started no. 37 a long time ago..but the gym needed to train new coaches...so..there we are...no. 36 I liked very much...especially the track with a lot of knee strikes and mixing capoeira and a front kick (track 7 Party Non Stop by Ultrasonic)...we must get together one day in a combat class, a weekend perhaps at my gym ..I guess you can ask for an invitation...heheheeheh. I will take some pics tomorrow....seeyaaaa

lucia d. said...

In spite of I lend money a friend last year and even though we´ve argued for this point,we are friends nowdays.

I have a labour of love.Nevertheless I´ve choosen it.

Monica Stacconi said...

Hi Lucia, sorry for replying so late, I am rather busy these days...let's see
"In spite of the fact that I lent money to a friend last year" and "argued over this point" ;-)

Carlos said...

In spite of having a nice blog I can´t find your e-mail address here. Even though I did my home work (job application), I wouldn´t deliver to you next Monday because I will be abroad. Nevertheless, I will hand over a copy next Thursday in class room.