Hello students and friends, as Zenitram says in one of his comments, be careful with links posted by unknown people. I have been deleting a few posts these days (with links to porn sites). They are posted by people using different nicknames, so , it is sometimes difficult to know whether it is a new student logging in or not. I suggest ignoring all links posted on the blog, except the ones posted by me, usually related to English learning sites. If any of you have interesting links to recommend, send them to me by email first, and I will post them on your behalf.
I will not let the blog be affected by these parasytes....:-)



Hi guys, here is another link you might find useful to practise listening comprehension (besides the ones in my favourite links, the ELLLO site some of you have already visited and the BBC learning English)


you will find all skills and levels here

remember that you are not going to improve if you only practise in class once or twice a week ;-)...