HI boys and girls from intermediate 1 and 2. Here's a link to the grammar aquarium, where, among other grammar topics, you will find some exercises to practise modal verbs of various kinds..enjoy

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hi guys from Intermedio 1. I am marking your exam compositions, which will take some days for you know I am also coordinating That's English exams and teaching Int. 2 classes etc. Well, in the meantime I will keep up my tradition of posting on the blog an example of "ideal" exam composition which would be according to your level and knowledge:

Describe your present home including:

Brief description (location, services,etc.), if it is rented, bought, advantages, disadvantages, what you would like to improve

I live in a large four-bedroomed flat in a green and quiet area of Alcalá. It’s got a good sized balcony where I keep plants, a table and a closet where books are stored.

The windows are double-glazed and the kitchen is quite spacious though not very bright. Facilities in the neighbourhood include a shopping centre, schools and kindergartens. There are two bus lines linking this area to the centre. Nevertheless, the service isn’t good since buses don’t run very often and it takes ages to reach parts of the city which aren’t very far away.

Besides, the medical centre that used to be in this area was closed last year and people have to go to another area of the city if they want to be seen by a specialist.

The flat is rented, but I would prefer to own a terraced house. Because of the high prices and mortgages, I haven’t been able to buy one yet.

If I owned this flat I’d refurbish it completely. I’d change the floors and fit new bathrooms and a kitchen. The heaters should also be replaced as they don’t work properly

Comments: As you can see it's got 190 words (only 10 above max. required), it covers all the points, it has a variety of tenses you did last year or we have revised in class (passive, used to, present perfect, modal verbs, conditional), a variety of linking words (since, as, because of, although, besides,because of, nevertheless), new vocabulary from the last unit and class handouts (four-bedroomed, good-sized, double glazed, fit, spacious,facilities, closet, refurbish..) and there is a correct use of articles, third person singular, tenses, adjectives and adverbs.



hi guys, here's a link to another blog with tips for pronunciation, speaking etc....have a look...



BBC learning english vegetables

Hey boys and girls, here's a funny bbc video to learn some idioms..you cand find plenty of them on youtube or the BBC Learning English site...I hope this encourages you to explore the BBC pages on your own :-))