AVANZADO 2, 'Confessions Of A Shopaholic'

Hi boys and girls,
here's a short interview with Isla Fisher, lead actress of the film Confessions of a Shophaholic.
Watch it and mark the following sentences as True /False. We will check the answers in class...

AAAccording to the actress the protagonist directs her energy to the inside

2) The actress enjoyed doing the character

3) The actress hates shopping

4) She says she often has second thoughts about what she bought

5) She never buys when she feels pressed by shop assistants

6) Doing the film made the actress change her dressing habits

7) According to the actress today’s fashion is much about matching clothes and colours

9) The actress’ daughter is also a celebrity

10) The actress started working very young in soap operas

11) Playing the character was her dream ever since she read the books



Hi Intermediate 2 students,

Listen to/watch the speaker talking about Spaniards and Americans and answer the questions writing TRUE or FALSE

Answers will be checked in class as usual

1) The speaker has lived in Spain for 27 years

2) He doesn’t understand Spanish people

3) His Woody Allen’s quote is: “The older I get, the more I understand”

4) According to his survey, Spanish people are as patriotic as American people

5) American people dress more stylishly

6) American people are more secretive about business matters

7) Americans take pride in their properties

8) According to Spaniards, a Spanish person who shows off too much is probably running into debts

9) According to the speaker Social Security is much better in the USA

10) According to the speaker Americans are less family-oriented

11) Americans don’t mind moving out of their country

12) Spaniards kick their children out of home when they are 35

13) Young Spaniards with their own home still want to be with their parents

14) Spaniards have a stronger feeling of community than Americans

15) Spain is being influenced by the USA when it comes to commuting

16) Americans don’t like passing judgment on other people

17) The way Americans see people is black/white



Hello boys and girls from A2.
Here are some links to practise with gerund vs infinitive exercises online

if you don't have much time, try this short 10-item exercise

or else, try this page with loads of exercises/quizzes on this grammar topic (answers provided)



Watch this clip and fill in the gaps with the missing word/s (write them down to correct them in class)


1)Before any medical appointment_____________________________

2)If your seeing a new health provider make sure ___________________________________

3)If it’s a visit to a specialist the patient __________________________________________

4) When you visit a medical professional it’s better to keep it __________________________

5) Have your parent write down_______________________________________________

6) If you or your parent think that extra time might be needed, be sure you________________________so the doctor’s office can make note of that.

7) If you are going through most of the visits with your parent, you may need your parent fill out a medical information release form, giving you ___________________________________

Once at the appointment there are a few tips to follow

1)First they should ask to sit __________________________with their provider

2) They should take notes and frequently _____________________what they have heard.

3) It can also be beneficial to the doctor,because he or she wants to make sure that what they are saying ______________________________

4) Mum and dad should also ask for any follow-up instructions __________________ so that the information will be already available when needed.

5) In the unfortunate event you or your parent is dissatisfied with the health care they are receiving, it is vital that they________________________

6) your parent might be referred to another ______________________if the situation cannot be resolved

7) It is important to never fear taking your case to _________________________because both your parent’s health and that of others may be at stake.