Hello boys and girls from That's English, look at this map of Leek (click on it to make it bigger) and tell me how to get from the bus station (exit on Haywood Street, that is where you are) to the following places (give me directions):

1) Brough Park Leisure Centre and Swimming Pool
2)All Saints Church
3) The Police station


Warton said...

It is too difficult, you’d better take a taxi.

Monica Stacconi said...

ahahahah, Warton, my that's English students must practice without a taxi...they still don't know about this post, I will tell them on Thursday :-)

rsuarez said...

I can't faind Hayton Street,Can be Haywood Street?

Monica Stacconi said...

Hellooooo Rosa....yes you are right (I am sorry he he) it is Haywood Street.......:-P

Inma said...

Hi! Monica,
1) turn right, go straight ahead to roundabout, walk along the Ball Haye Street, when you come to the end, go straight ahead to the Ball Haye road, then take the second turning on the right, carry on the Brough Park Leisure Centre on Swimming Pool is on your left.

Monica Stacconi said...

Hey Inma, nice to see you here :-)..
"UP TO the roundabout", "walk along Ball Haye Street (no article "the" with names of streets), "carry on UP to Brought Park Leisure Centre", the swimming pool (without "on")....very well anyway! keep practising..see you on Thursday and good luck!

Isabel said...

Hi, Monica.
1) Exit on Haywood Street, turn on the right, cross the roundabout, go straight ahead on Ball Haye Street, go straight ahead, take the first turning on the right and go straight ahead. The Brough Park Leisure Centre and swimmingpool is near VET and opposite the Tennis Courts.

2) Turn on the left, take the fourth turning on the left, pass Saint Mary´s RC Church, in Compton A520, go straight ahead and take the second turning on the left. All Saints Curch is in Southbank Street.

3) Turn on the right , go to Smithfield Centre , turn on the right in Asborne Road, go straight ahead, take de first turning on the left on Cross Street, and take again the first turning on the left. Police Station is next to The Health Centre and opposite St. Lukes Church.

Monica Stacconi said...

Hi Isabel, quite good!
"near THE vet", " THE police station" the articles, ok?
see you on Thursday ;-)

Helena said...

Hello Mónica.
1.Turn right in Haywood street. Go estraight ahead accros the roundabout. Take the third turnigh on the right. Then go estraight on for about 300 metres by BAL HAYE ROAD the BROUGH PARK LEISURE CENTER & SWIMMINNG POOL is on the left, opposite the VET.

2.In front of the station turn left. Go straight ahead and take the first turning on the left. ALL SAINTS CHURCH is on the left, at the end of the street.

3.Turn right in Haywood Street. Go straight ahead to the roundabout. Then take the second turning on the right. Go straight on for about 150 metres. The Police Station is on the right pass the HEALTH CENTER.

Monica Stacconi said...

Hi Helena, apart from the first text where there are some spelling mistakes (estraight, accross, turnigh) the rest is ok ;-) good luck today !seeya in class

Warton said...

The easiest way to go to the police station is:
While you are in the station look for a bobby. They are a very nice people who wander around the stations to help tourists. You can identify them because they wear a kind of uniform and a big hat.
They are trained to understand foreign people by mimic. For example, if you want to visit the police station, you have to address to a bobby and saying him Mr. Bobby take his hat and wear it on your head. This is easily recognised and he will ask for a vehicle and guide you to the police station in a free tour.
If you want to eat free for a couple of days you have to hit him on the belly and a by kicking him in the bum you get a free one week sleeping ticket.

Monica Stacconi said...

Ha ha ha Warton I see you are in a good mood today ;-)))

Warton said...

Glad to be helpful by providing useful information to the Spanish tourists
Marry Christmas y happy new year