Hello everybody
check these classes on youtube, you will find them interesting.
I am pasting here the link to a blog that collects sites like these. Once you find your "favourite" teachers you can follow their classes on youtube..
It's a wonderful opportunity to listen, learn pronunciation and fluency, check on specific grammar items.


posting here one example:




hi guys,
Halloween is over and so is our contest.
I would like to thank all of you again for taking part either writing or voting and for humouring your teacher and preparing and performing the stories in class in just half an hour or so :)
You were very creative and funny and I think we all had a good time.
Best moments of the performances:
The students from different groups playing the taxi drivers to Liia's story: all of them swearing (one of them in Spanish..)
The lights going off and the screams
"The disco" in Complicedelaley'story, various students dancing and simulating flirting.
The "hoodies" used by the boys to be either good (hoodie down) or evil (hoodie up)
The "dead woman" girls in Liia's story (fortunately all of them  had long hair and could use it in a scary way)
Some very good performances including changing one's voice and movements (I particulary remember Jessica's...and she was under the weather..can't imagine what she can do when she's healthy :)
The performance of the boys playing the old husband (both voice and attitude)...even though they stayed on the other side of the class door in the corridor and we couldnt see much :)
The Whatsapp story:  earlier advanced 2 level.....really funny!! The three students doing that story were really in for a comedy performance (and they were very lively and over-gesturing..which made our delight) and the other group actually cutting out paper mobile phones and smartphones....including water (blood) spilling (I think Miriam got most of the water on her..).BTW sorry if the image of the devil on the wall flat screen didn't appear in sync... The amazing sync effect as another group represented the Whatsapp story (they recorded the messages outside the classroom and played them during the performance so that they gave the illusion of being real time messages coming from the different corners of the class)
The Errant Hypnotist story, chosen by only one brave group. Though difficult to represent you sorted it out very well.
And I liked you guys from all groups using voice over narration and what devices you could think of, like using up all my lipstick (glad you did), making props (like Jose's cloak out of a garbage bag and staples), using my toy owl, cup, bell, umbrellas, the music background ( even though we had some overlapping of rain/storm, music and speaking sometimes..). and what have you..

Well guys...hope we will have the chance to do something like that again. Next year we'll repeat for sure..