hello boys and girls, it's time you gave your vote to one of the stories. You can do it here, just write a comment indicating the nick of the contestant whose story you liked best. I am not going to vote myself...unless there is a draw ;-). The deadline for voting is Sunday at lunchtime. Good luck!


Graham Hess said...

- All of you wrote great stories, but my vote is to miguel-kun.

Enjoy the weekend!

The Doctor said...

Hello everybody, hello Monica,
I think it has been very funny writing here our stories. I like all of them, but my vote is to Elena.
Good luck for everybody and happy Halloween.
See you.

valerio said...

Ok "miguel kun do".I think his story is a psycopatic one so I vote for him.

Elena said...

Hello everybody,
I read the stories more than once, and after thinking about it, I have decided that my vote is to Graham hess.(I could imagine Dario's cries of anguish,jejeje)

Have a nice weekend bloggers!

Monica Stacconi said...

GSC voted for Miguel-kun , too, but she posted her comment under the post Samhain by mistake...for everyone to know.....;-)...Miguel, you are already ahead with three votes......less than 24 hours left to the end of the contest ... :-)

SueK said...

Hey!! I really liked Elena's story so, my vote goes for her!!!

Miguel-Kun said...

Hi. My vote goes to Ana (That's English).
Don't trust charmed & unknown people!!

Gemuki said...

Congratulations to everyone! All the stories are amazing!My vote goes to the doctor.
Sorry, Mónica, I didn't have time to write a story. This weekend is being so busy for me, lot of things to do.
See you on Monday! Enjoy Halloween and Don Juan!

Sabine said...

hi everybody!
i each story you wrote and the decision was not too easy but finally i decided to donate my vote to Graham.

keep on telling stories girls and guys! 8o)))

M.Carmen said...

Hi writers and readers!!
I really like your stories, and I can't choose one...
I've got many doubts, but my vote is to doctor.

See you!!