hello guys, guess what day is today? ;-) yes, Thanksgiving Day...for you to find out more about this celebration, here's a little webquest. I would like each blogger to answer ONLY ONE question (which hasn't already been answered of course) ...there you go:

1) What's Thankgiving and when is it celebrated (not too many details because there are more questions below ;-)
2) When was the first Thanksgiving celebrated and by whom?
3)Who were the Pilgrims?
4) What kind of food is eaten on this festivity?
5) What is the popular dessert on this day?
6) What do some people do after lunch?


Warton said...

Hi Monica.
Delete goood girl and van her if you can. Do not follow the link in the name.
Have a happy thanksgiving day and do eat a lot of turkey.

Monica Stacconi said...

Tanks Warton, done! I had not realised ;-)

Mar said...

Hi Monica!

This is the answer for the question number 2:

In autumn 1621, about a year after the Mayflower Pilgrims made landfall at Plymouth, they put together a feast and broke bread with their Native American neighbors, the Wampanoag, who were celebrating Keepunumuk, the time of the harvest.

Estela said...

1)Thanksgiving Day is a celebration to give thanks for the harvest and to give gratitude in general in the USA. The first Thanksgiving celebration were on the 8th of september of 1565, but nowadays it is on the fourth Thursday of November.

By the way, I have gone to the hospital today and the doctor that have seen me looked familiar to me... He was so nice and he was able to make feel confortable... And I have just remember that he was... the doctor!!

Thank you very much! You have treated me perfectly and my knee is much better!!

The Doctor said...

Hello Monica,
I think people usually have for dessert pumpkin pie ,apple pie and other kind of pies.
After dinner people like watching American Football matches on TV. It has been a tradition since 1920.
A big hug for everyone.
Estela it was a pleasure make you feel comfortable at the hospital. I hope you get better as soon as possible. A big hug for you.

Monica Stacconi said...

very well Doctor, pumpkin pie and a game of football ehehe

lucia d. said...

Hello Monica: I´ve celebrated several thankgivins in USA.The first time in Ohio, in 1994. this day was snowing a lot. This day is a long week-end for americans, who go to visit their families at any place. I travel with my couple from Toledo to Cleveland to her sister´s house, where the all family would be. During the day,people is eaten cookies and candies and other fruits. This day is the day of soccer´s final cup, a prize, and is the bigger celebration in US more than christmas time. Next day is the time to go to shopping. The main course is the turkey

Monica Stacconi said...

thanks for your contribution Lucia..I didn't know you had been so many times in the USA.
"I travelled with my partner...." a couple is two people.
"People eat candies" (not "is eaten" which is a passive) ;-)