or ALL HALLOWS' EVE, or in other words, HALLOWEEN. One more year, boys and girls, this Celtic celebration will have children (and adults) roam the streets at sundown on October 31, dressed in all sorts of disguises, trick or treating, playing practical jokes and watching spooky films. Here's a link to learn more about this celebration.
I would also like to make the most out of this festivity and hold a bigbottle contest: HALLOWEEN MINISTORIES. You are welcome to write a short spooky Halloween story (around 50 words,it must be easy to read in a comment to this post). You can post them here up to Thursday 30th October. On Friday 31st all the bloggers who have read the ministories should give their vote to one of them (I will open a new post just for voting and leaving comments). Use as many spooks, creepy crawlies, bats, black cats etc. as you like. :-)


M.Carmen said...

A spook and a bat lived in a very old castle. They used to spend all day arguing because they did not agree about who was the most horrific. A cold night they decided to check who was right. They did not know that this was not a normal night.
They came up to a near house and then they began to shout like crazy and hit the main door!
A little old woman opened the door and said:
- Children, don’t be impatient! Here you are your sweets. Happy Halloween!!

Hi people! I know this story isn't too horrific, but I hope you like it ;-)

The Doctor said...

I woke up very late in the afternoon. It was dark in the streets. It was Halloween's Eve. I had a very strong headache. I went to the bathroom and I was terrified. My head was a huge pumpkin and there were some spiders on my shoulders. I went out home and I could see thousands of bats and black cats waiting for me. Suddenly I fell down on the floor. It had been a nightmare. But when I went to the bathroom I could see a pumpkin instead my head.

Hello bloggers, hello Monica I hope you like the story.
See you.

Miguel-Kun said...

A church. An alone and old church in the middle of nowhere. Dust around you. You feel alive, you feel safe. The sun goes down, the twilight arrives. You breath. Once. Twice.. Are you alone? Yes. No. C.M. appears, but suddenly disappears. You notice C.M. is behind you. You feel your last breath. Your last beat. Your last thought. Death forever.

Hello! That was my story. I hope every bloggers enjoyed it, or not?

Grammy or Phony for Delegate!!!

Gemuki said...

I'm green with envy of your imagination. Give me sometime and I will try to write a Halloween story. Good luck to all the tellers!!

Monica Stacconi said...

Ha ha Gemuki when I saw you had left a comment I thought it was another ministory....but then it wasn't....looking forward to read it he eh.
Corrections for the rest of you story writers: M. Carmen: "here are your sweets"
Doctor: I went out of my home, a pumpkin instead of my head.
Miguel -Kun; a lonely church (better) and ahahahahahah )I laughed a lot reading your story...well thought....hi hi

Elena said...

Everything was dark and I could see a pumpkin on the table of the kitchen. I was really surprised because I didn’t buy any pumpkin! I hated Halloween and I lived alone so…why was it there? The pumpkin stared at me and it seemed it was going to begin to speak, but instead of this, it began to laugh!! and that noise made that a shiver ran down my spine. I decided to run away but I ran into a big mummy, also the floor was sticky… At that moment, I couldn’t do anything and last words I could hear were “If you don’t celebrate Halloween, then, Halloween will come to you! We’ll become your worst nightmare!”

Good morning! I hope you like it:-)
See you!

Ana (That's english!) said...

"When Tom came in his bedroom and tried to took off the skeleton disguise, he noticed that he couldn't do it. He began to get nervous because the disguise was like his skin...and when he looked at himself in the mirror, his face had turned in a skull! At that moment he thought that it couldn't be! but it was real:he had converted in a skeleton. Then he remembered what the old man who had sold him the disguise said to him: don't worry if you can't pay it now, you will pay it in a curious way!"

Well, I have written my story a bit late but I hope you like it anyway. See you!

Monica Stacconi said...

ohhhhhhhhhh this is becoming interesting...we have many contestants already....my corrections:
Elena: "didn't buy any pumpkinS", "made a shiver run down my spine" (make plus infinitive without to"), "THE last words".
Ana: "turned into", "converted into" (the preposition)
come on guys!...Gemuki...waiting for you!..tomorrow we will start voting.:-)there's a present waiting....heehheehhe (you must tell me your level if you are not in my classes ok?)

Monica Stacconi said...

Ana, I forgot also: "tried to take" ;-)

Mar said...

That magical Halloween night was very cold and dark. I had to win the bet I had made with my friends. We went to the cemetery where I had to remain alone for ten minutes. Time passed by slowly and I perceived a faint noise. I turned towards the place where the noise came from and I saw something moving underground in a tomb. I was trembling with fear but I had the courage of staying and finding out that a mole was trying to get out a hole. I won my bet with them.

Hi everybody! I hope you enjoy reading it!

Graham Hess said...

Dario was his name and if we had ti choose a word to define him, it would be “vulgar”. He spent his whole life looking down to the rest of the people, insulting them and trying to make them to feel upset. On the 31st October, Halloween, he woke up and tried to yawn. Neverthless, as a divine punishment, he couldn’t. His mouth were sewed with fishing spin. His bleeding mouth hurted a lot and he died in front of the mirror trying to yell one single sentence: “AM I AWAKE??!!”

This is dedicated to the Master of Giallo Dario Argento and to all of you. The moral of the story is, little children, don’t despise the others. I hope you to have a nice Halloween

Monica Stacconi said...

Graham! Long time no see!
Thanks for delivering your story..and , as usual...even though you are not my student any longer, my corrections:
"looked down ON the rest of the people", "make them FEEL upset" (no "to"), "his mouth WAS sewed", "his mouth HURT a lot" (irregular verb), "I hope YOU HAVE"
come on people,at lunchtime is our deadline....and I will make a post for everybody to vote...

Ana (That's english!) said...

Hi Mónica!thanks for your corrections. I wonder...what story will win the competition? jeje
See you!

Monica Stacconi said...

Ana , I forgot .."curious" in English is not used in the same way as in Spanish....you should have written "strange" way or something similar -)

GSC said...

My vote goes to... Miguel-Kun!