Boys and girls, the course has started and already someone is posting unwanted comments on this blog. Whenever you see comments that provide links and that are not signed by me, ignore them. Don't click on them, don't even answer these people, sometimes they are trolls and all they want is to upset you people and get you to answer. Big mistake (plus, you are not doing me a favour because I am the one who has to delete all the messages)! It already happened last year and the best thing to do is please, AGAIN, ignore them!!!!
Thanks a lot and have a good start..


The Doctor said...

Hello Monica,
Ok, don't worry. I am not going to answer any provocation. Thank you very much for your advice.
See you.

Miky said...

Hello Monica, I´m Miguel. This year I´ll study english with you at EOI. Sorry, my grammar maybe it´s horrible jejje..

See you¡¡

Monica Stacconi said...

Hi Miky, welcome to the blog! (which group are you in? I still haven't learnt all your names and cant'associate them to a face..are yo the one who asked me about how to register?) Don't worry about your grammar, most of the people who leave comments here are learning English, like you ;-).
I will soon post something to keep you guys busy....:-)

Miky said...

Hi all¡¡

Yes¡ I asked you about how to register. jejej.

I get excited about (I don´t know if the grammar is correct xD) this year becouse I´d like to learn English and speak very well ejej... I suppose that´s the goal of all us.

A lot hug¡

Monica Stacconi said...

Miky, let me tell you that your motivation will take you far :-)
As to "I get excited" , it is fine if you describe a process, otherwise : I am excited, or I am thrilled about this year.
see you in class :-)