hi everybody!
it is time to vote your favourite story. Voting time starts on 2nd November and ends on 8th November (so that you have time to read all the stories through and make up your mind).
Post your vote here.
 Good luck to all the participants :-)


Ana Fernandez NA2 B said...

Hi, I voto for "Woman's green eyes". I must say I have not read the longest stories as it was specified the stories should be up to 70 words. I must also say there are nice stories posted.

Marta Puerta said...

Hi everybody!
My vote is for Sandra Maldonado, I think her story is very original and intriguing.
Well done everybody, I liked the others too.

iamneli said...


Hi Mónica and everyone!

My vote is for Sonia G. with "The spot" because I don´t think I could look the walls of my room any more ;-) And also for "The forme renter" of David García....scary...next time I move I should check who had lived o died in my new place. Highligh, Laura Rello, surprising ending. I read then all and I congratule everyone for the story. Good joke Alitsiya.

Have a nice weekend

Monica Stacconi said...

thanks for voting girls,
Noelia, you can only vote one story. I guess your vote goes to Sonia then?

iamneli said...

Sorry, I didn´t think about it. Maybe I like best Laura Rello for the surprising ending...pretty scary if you think about it.

MZE said...

Hi bloggers!
My vote is for Sonia G.
It's a really scary story, or it was a dream?

isbel said...

The tale that I’ve elected is the one about the dead twin sister that was posted by Raquel Rodriguez. I’ve enjoyed with Sandra Maldonado but her narration is longer than 70 words...

Pilar S. said...

I like the intriguing story of Sonia G. Congratulations to all the writers.

Laura Rello said...

really fun contest!!.... or must I say terrifying contest??

...and my vote goes to Sonia G.

Maribel Dávila NA2 B said...

Hi everyone!
There are very nice stories posted but if I have to choose one of them I vote for "An unexpected end" by Ana. It revolves around spooky, scary,eerie events and it is up to 70 words.

I congratulate everyone on your stories.

M.Carmen NA2D said...

Hi everybody! Long time no see Mónica!
I'm sorry for not have written a halloween story, but I don't have a lot of imagination these days... But I've read all your stories!Good job! I like them, but I have a favourite one (in fact, I have two, but I have to choose one!). I know that it's more than 70 words, but I love it!! Congratulations Sandra Maldonado!

Sonia G. -NA2B said...

I liked all the stories, but Laura Rello's is really good.

Sandra said...

My vote is for: Sonia G.
Have had much imagination, congratulations to everybody!

María Garcés Tajada said...
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María Garcés Tajada said...

Hi everybody! I enjoyed reading all your stories I really like all of them. My favourite one is the spot by Sonia!

david masia NA1 F said...

My vote goes to..... The Man who lost everything (Juan Vilches). Maybe it's not a typical Haloween story but it's dark and sad and I like that.