Congratulations Sonia G.!!!
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Here is her Halloween ministory for everyone to read again

The spot
It was one of those nights you can’t’ sleep. A dim light was coming through the window in my room. I stared at a spot on the wall. It wasn’t there yesterday. As I approached, it became larger, revealing a hole. An enormous hole. Suddenly a hand came out from it and put me inside. I yelled terrified. I couldn’t listen nothing, only my rapid breathing, I managed to catch something through the hole. It was like the bed I guessed, the only thing that bound me with the real world. Even frightened my body reacted and with a big effort, I pushed myself. I thought I would not make it. Now I was on the floor of my room, exhausted and confused. I can’t remember more. The next day I woke up as usually. I hardly recall my dream but below the wall in the place the spot had been, I found wet floor and with peeling wall remains. A dream?


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Congratulations Sonia G! Enjoy your little prize hehe.

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Congratulation Sonia!

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Enjoy your prize Sonia!

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iamneli said...

Congratulations Sonia! I like you spot story.