hi boys and girls, as it is usual this time of the year I would like you to enter a mini story contest.
You must publish it here as a comment, it must be up to 70 words and it must revolve around spooky, scary, eerie events.
The deadline for posting your stories is 1st of  November and the "voting period" is from 2nd to 8th November.You are welcome to vote even though you haven't contributed a story.
The story with the most votes will win its writer a little a prize


Roberto Cardil NAB2 said...


I can't sleep and I don't know why. I had an exciting day and now I feel tired but I can't sleep.
The hunting was excellent, we killed many will boars, old and big, young and small. We had dinner in this palace hall. Arround the table we talk about the incidences of the day, how frightened were the little wild boars when his mother was killed, how they try to scape and how I managed to kill one of them. We made jokes drinking whisky near the marble fireplace getting warm and enjoying the wonderful tapestry with hunting scenes that covers the thick walls of the palace.Today we were lucky but not as much as the man that kill the magnificent will boar whose big head dominates the hall and that seemed that was staring at us with her death eyes.

At night and being alone this hall is impresive. The fire and the full moon through the red glass
window stain the walls with blood. Smoking and drinking alone I'm scared with the big head with
her death eyes staring at me.


When a terrifying scream was heard everybody went to the hall and they saw John's death body, with his neck borken and terribly wounded. Nobody understood what had happened, nobody saw the thinkle in the boar eyes and the bloody stains in their tusk.

Roberto Cardil NA2B

Monica Stacconi said...

thanks for your contribution Roberto, I like the way you managed to create the right atmosphere with your description. I hope that more will follow now that you've paved the way :-) (one grammar remark: be careful how you switch tenses from present to past in a narration). good luck!

Marta Puerta said...


A legend tells years ago, at Halloween eve, a gang of friends were preparing a Halloween party in a garage. They were cutting pumpkins, making costumes, hanging up garlands... Everytime listening to music.
It began to sound Michael Jackson's song: Thriller, and suddenly the pumpkins came to life and attacked them! In fact, one pumpkin bit a girl! But somebody thought to switch off the radio very quickly and... As nothing had happened!
Since then, the legend tells if you decorate pumpkins in Halloween eve while M. Jackson's song is playing, they come to life and they will be aggressive!
Beware of the next Halloween time...

Monica Stacconi said...

thanks Marta, remember "subject first" (A M.Jackson song .....).
good luck!


Halloween Skeleton for the Doctor

An intern was sent to collect a new skeleton from the central store. When he arrived at the consultant surgeon's office there was already a queue of patients waiting. As the intern wrestled the skeleton through the outside door he became aware of people gazing at him enquiringly.

He gave them a smile and said, 'I am bringing him to the doctor.'

An old lady said sympathetically, 'My dear! Isn't he a bit late for the doctor?'
I wish you liked this joke!

Monica Stacconi said...

thanks for your joke Alitsiya, we need some humour in these times of crisis :-)

Sonia G. -NA2B said...

The spot
It was one of those nights you can’t’ sleep. A dim light was coming through the window in my room. I stared at a spot on the wall. It wasn’t there yesterday. As I approached, it became larger, revealing a hole. An enormous hole. Suddenly a hand came out from it and put me inside. I yelled terrified. I couldn’t listen nothing, only my rapid breathing, I managed to catch something through the hole. It was like the bed I guessed, the only thing that bound me with the real world. Even frightened my body reacted and with a big effort, I pushed myself. I thought I would not make it. Now I was on the floor of my room, exhausted and confused. I can’t remember more. The next day I woke up as usually. I hardly recall my dream but below the wall in the place the spot had been, I found wet floor and with peeling wall remains. A dream?

Carolina de la Concepcion NA1F said...


I’ve never been a normal girl, I was born with a ‘sort’ of ability and although there are four of us in my family, I was the only who could read minds.

I had a hard work day, I was deadbeat and upstairs my bed was waiting me. I closed the window. What strange… I was sure I did it this morning.
Afterwards, I combed the hair myself, put on the pyjama and get away to sleeping.

Suddenly, I felt a presence. Somebody was in the wardrobe and as soon as I could his thoughts came to me.

Firstly, he gagged me and took my pyjama off, perhaps he was a rapist. But he wanted to go beyond, the intruder was going to kill me with his own hands.

I could hear somebody knocking the door. It was mum, the breakfast was on the table and I was late to work.
Fortunately, It was only a dream, or maybe my mum without knowing saved my life, for this time…

Monica Stacconi said...

thank you Sonia and Carolina,it seems that girls are outnumbering boys in this contest....gentlemen, you'd better hurry up. Only two days left to post your story :-)

Maribel Dávila NA2 B said...


Apart from darkness ,he could not see distinctly due to the heavy rain. Hurriedly, he twisted, that woman was going to hunt him down! Suddenly, he realized that her green eyes stared at him. With a sadistic smile she raised a gun. The woman´s white nightgown was splashed by his blood. He glazed his murder to emerge victorious. Demyx yelped but nobody listened to him and nobody would…

Maribel Dávila NA2 B

Ana Fernandez NA2 B said...


Your father has died.
Those words sentenced me. In the funeral I tried to gaze at my dead father in the coffin for the last time, but there was nobody in. I looked around astonished and I saw my father standing up. He cried “You were the one” and became dust. After that I was locked in a mental hospital. I was in charged with my father´s murder. In that moment I realized that event was going to make me lose my mind

Ana Fernández NA2 B

Juan Vilchez NA2 B said...

The man who lost everything.
It was Halloween’s eve. John, a lonely man in his early forties was looking for a solution at the bottom of a whisky bottle.
The last six months, were the most terrific of his life. He was shacked, the bank confiscated his properties and finally his wife asked him to get divorced. He has his gun with only a bullet. Who will be the winner of this bullet? He. The bank manager. Maybe his ex-boss.

David Garcia said...


An October´s night, Mary woke up on the floor, She laughed ashamed and
She went back to bed. The following day, It was three o´clock in
the morning when She noticed her body moving on the sheets.
Mary was frightened and she had to hold on to sheets so that she wouldn’t fall down.
Next day in the morning, She told her husband Peter what had happened. Some days
later, both of them investigated who was the former renter, and
they found out that a boy had committed suicide and his spirit was
still there in the house.
Terrified, they took their belongings and they left
their house in a hurry, the place where they had lived so nice moments.

Raquel Rodríguez said...

Raquel Rodríguez said...

My mother said me I was born in a Magic Night: Halloween´s Night, in which a door is opened to unknown, but a few months ago,I discovered that really it was a damn night...I wasn´t born alone...one minute before, my sister was born...but already dead...I don´t want think that voice I listened from I was a child every night like today that said me "We´ll meet us again soon" it´s hers...It isn´t my moment!!!

turmix2 said...

The serbian sniper dismantled his gun and went back crossing the frontline, towards the serbian side of the city through a dead landscape of desolation.
The sunset rays passed between the clouds,now dispersed after a showery rain,painting in red not only the skies but the houses got on her knees,the puddles and the mud.Destruction everywhere.
Suddenly, the sniper´s eyes stared at an enormous black rat running away from him and then he thinks about the bosnian rats he eliminated that noon.
He targeted straight the taxi driver´s head with an explosive bullet. He has got a perfect vista of the avenue and the pregnant woman died without a whisper when the taxi crashed a barricade and she was shooted too.
Now,whereas he is reporting himself to his superior officer, he feels dizzy and hungry.Far from the frontline, the city comes back to life and the sniper thinks about it is a big time to come back home. As soon as he thinks of it, a taxi stops beside him and he is pulled immediately into the back seat by an irresistible force.
As the door slams violently, the petrified sniper can clearly see the bosnian driver´s jaw hanging by the right side as well as a big hole on the left side of the skull.
On the back side, the woman is crying with a pale and bloody baby on her arms.
The taxi accelerates leaving the place,through the empty streets which drive towards the East side of the city when every night the serbian bombs pound the bosnian side and anyone or anything can move on without being shooted.

Antonio Nistal (NAIF) said...

About a year ago I was invited to a Halloween party at the home of a friend. I was reluctant at first but I decided to go to help out with the arrangements.
The best part of all was making the lanterns. I was amazed at the imagination that we showed when cutting grotesque faces out of the hollowed-out pumpkins.
By six o’clock, the party was well under way and the house was full of screaming children, with me running around in a mask trying to scare them. At one point during the evening, prizes were awarded to the children who had made the best costumes. Also games were organized. Since those days I had never forgotten about Halloween, I think everyone should have the chance to feel like a child at least once a year.

Monica Stacconi said...

thanks for your contributions girls and boys...this is getting interesting. I have noticed this year's stories have a gloomy "real" tone, surely due to the general crisis and the fact that our world is still tortured by unjustice and wars.
Well, a few hours left to post..don't forget to vote the stories from tomorrow on :)
Turmix, what group are you? (without name or group is going to be difficult to spot you).
good luck !

ac said...

Hi Monica! How are things? I am sorry for the delay. Honestly, I am sending you an email to tell you that I was really excited with the idea to write a Halloween Tale, but despite of I have been thinking what kind of creepy story I could write during the whole week, I don’t have much imagination so maybe I will join the contest next year! However, I don't want to let you down so I am going to tell you what I did last night.
In Halloween’s night, I had dinner with some friends and when they left I felt asleep watching TV so I crept like a zombie to my bed. Suddenly, I heard some strange screams from my neighbor’s house. His shouts woke me up quickly but I supposed that he was just dreaming with some Halloween monster. The thing is that every morning, this lovely old man with his white beard brings me the newspaper because we share it.
It’s quarter to twelve and my friend hasn’t come yet. I just realized that I cannot hear the high volume of his TV as every day. I am starting to worry about him so, let me knock on his door to know what it has happened. In fact, I can write you in the meanwhile with my mobile. High-Tec is the best!
Right now, I am in the corridor, I can see his front door from here. It seems that is open. Indeed, I am pushing it… it is open. Now I am in his living room but He is not here. His stuff is as usual. Maybe he has gone to buy the... but… Wait… What is this unpleasant noise? I think that it comes from the bedroom.
Oh my god! This is totally shocking!! Is him! Is him!! What kind of creature could do that!!?? Oh no!!! No!! No!!! It comes to me!! I have to leave here! I have to escape now!!

turmix2 said...

Hi Monica,I'm sorry, Turmix2 is Jorge from NA2B. I get used to use pen and paper.
And,of course, the houses only can get on ITS knees.

Monica Stacconi said...

thanks for clearing that up Jorge .-)
AC, can you tell me which group you are? it's not necessary to post your names if you don't want to, I just need to know your group.
a few hours left boys and girls.
Tomorrow there will be a new post for you to start voting :-)

Sandra Maldonado said...

oh sorry, I thought that I had already changed my nickname. I'm Sandra Maldonado, A1! :)

Elena Núñez said...

Hi Mónica! How are things? I'm one of your old students from "many" years ago (already 5!), so I'm not going to take part in this contest. I just want to share my story with you and all the bloggers. Happy Halloween!! (a little bit late ;)

It was nearly midnight and in the moonlight two boys were walking by the street… “It’s scary here in the dark!”- said one of the boys – "I bet you I can howl greater than you!" He started doing so… the noise was terrifying… and his friend was astonished when he saw that after stopping howling, he looked like a real wolf covered with hair everywhere with a furious and penetrating gaze!!

José Mª NA1-D said...

During the night of October 31 most of us probably receive the visit of several groups of children with frightening customs, they will knock the door and when you open it they will say “trick or treat, I always was wondering what was the origin of this tradition, Looking for it I have found that most likely the origin was in Great Britain and Ireland where children and poor people would sing and say prayers for the dead in return for cakes.

Monica Stacconi said...

Hi Elena, glad to see you on the blog again :-)
thank you all for posting...it's nearly time to start voting.....

Laura Rello said...

I have never liked Halloween parties but tonight I am the soul of the party. A few children in front of me are hidden behind their parents, they do not want to look at me, but their natural curiosity don´t let them avoid my scary presence.

Actually, I am not wearing a costume. My black suit and my new pair of shoes…I thought I would use them for the first time in my daughter´s wedding…but I haven´t had time..and here I am, laying down in this uncomfortable wooden box, loosing the memories of the man I used to be and getting used to felling like the ghost I am going to be.

Halloween it´s a strange day to die.

JuanG said...

My little short story

When I was a child, my grandmother told me a superstition.
One day, I was lying in my bed. My grandmother came in me
bedroom and told me; Juan you can’t cross your legs, one
with the other, and your arms, one with the other.
As I didn’t understand, I asked her, Why ?
She told me, “you looks like a dead man” and you are
very young.
I thought about what I had said and I promised her, that I’d never
do it again.
After years I always remember this superstition.

JuanG said...

My little short story

When I was a child, my grandmother told me a superstition.
One day, I was lying in my bed. My grandmother came in me
Bedroom and told me; Juan you can’t cross your legs, one
with the other, and your arms, one with the other.
As I didn’t understand, I asked her, Why ?
She told me, “you looks like a dead man” and you are
very young.
I thought about what I had said and I promised her, that I’d never
do it again.
After years I always remember this superstition.

Juan Gomez NA1