AVANZADO 2, 'Confessions Of A Shopaholic'

Hi boys and girls,
here's a short interview with Isla Fisher, lead actress of the film Confessions of a Shophaholic.
Watch it and mark the following sentences as True /False. We will check the answers in class...

AAAccording to the actress the protagonist directs her energy to the inside

2) The actress enjoyed doing the character

3) The actress hates shopping

4) She says she often has second thoughts about what she bought

5) She never buys when she feels pressed by shop assistants

6) Doing the film made the actress change her dressing habits

7) According to the actress today’s fashion is much about matching clothes and colours

9) The actress’ daughter is also a celebrity

10) The actress started working very young in soap operas

11) Playing the character was her dream ever since she read the books

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