Hi boys and girls, it is time to read the mini stories your mates have posted and decide which is your favourite.
Everybody can vote (even the participants) .
as you know the deadline for submitting your vote is 28th November (midnight).

We have 7 stories this year:
-The girlfriends collector
-The lone Knight
-Haunted House
-Angie's jokes
-Don't trust the little girl
-Only you can save humanity!
-The lost man
-The Dark Room

In order to vote leave a comment on this post, saying which story was your favourite.
Good luck to the participants and happy, spooky reading .



In my opinion the best mini history is "Don't trust the little girl" It reminds me these kind of histories that people tell in the darkness over the fire.

Matilde Vicente Miguel said...

Hi! My favorite mini story is "The Girlfriends' Collector". Good luck to all participants!

Pat Aran said...

For me, the best story is "The Girlfriends´ Collector" Great in chains plot! Thanks everyone for sharing this weird ministories.

Jessica Tordesillas said...

Hi everybody!! For me, the best mini story in The Girlfriends' collector. Good luck to all the contestants!

Susana Lázaro said...

Morning everybody! My vote goes to 'Only you can save humanity!'. I think is quite original and different from the other published stories. Maybe it's not so spooky but I believe that follows the new stream of fighting against zombies, creepy creatures and evil demons.
Good luck to all.

Laura Sanchez Beltran said...

Hi! The story I liked the most is 'The lone knight'
Good luck!

Bruno said...

I'm Bruno A1F my favorite story is the Girlfriends collector I've found it different from all Halloween's staff. Good luck for all the participants.

Cristina Reyes said...

In my opinion the best mini story es "THE GIRLFRIEND'S COLLECTOR".
Good luck to all.

David Garcia said...

My vote is for......... "Haunted house".
It is highly recommended
Happy Halloween.

MIKI said...

The best story is ...The Girlfriend 's Collector.
Good luck.

Pepe Alcaraz said...

I’m sorry because I thought the deadline to vote was on 29th. Anyway, I agree that the best story is The girlfriends’ collector. I also liked a lot The lone night. Congratulations to every contestant.