Hello old and new students.
The time has come for our traditional ministory contest. All of you regardless of your level can participate either writing or voting or both.


Your story will be submitted here as a comment (which means you will need a google account/nick and password). The story will have a TITLE and be 10 lines long max; it can be related to anything spooky, scary or Halloweeny
The deadline for posting stories is 22nd October (inclusive).
Once all the stories are entered I will provide another space/post for you all to vote the best story (from 23d Oct. to 28th Oct ).
Once we have a winner, the story will be read in class and he/she will receive a little prize. There will be some follow up activities as well.
Do not forget to post your story together with your nick/name and the group you belong to (Adv.1 or 2 and the letter)
Good luck everybody, I am looking forward to reading your creations..


Susana Lázaro said...

Hi everybody. OK, here it goes...
Nov. 1st 2012: He woke up screaming but he didn’t know where he was. Fortunately he was in his bed but... what happened last night? His mind was blank. ‘I’ll call Chloe’ he thought. Yes, she’ll update me. He dialled her number and her sweet voice sounded: ‘Hi, you! I’m not available at this moment, leave your message after tone’. Where was she? Anyway, that day he hadn’t to work. As every November the 1st he walked up to the cemetery. He wanted to leave some flowers on Amy’s grave. Amy! How he missed her! Today it was the 1st anniversary of her death and she had left him so alone...! He came back home trying to remember last night events but he couldn’t.
Nov. 1st 2013: A scream woke him up. Suddenly, he realised that it was his own voice that he had heard. He was at home sweating in his bed but... what happened to him? He couldn’t remember anything from the last day. Sarah wasn’t next to him. Better like this, she couldn’t see him so confused. He phoned her but there was no answer. He had to remember where he had been last night by himself. But, what day was today? Oh, he had to go to the cemetery. One year ago Chloe died and he had to leave a spray of flowers on her grave. He missed her so badly since her death. He had been so lonely until he met Sarah but ... where would she be?
Nov. 1st 2014: Who’s screaming? He was sitting on his bed trying to remember... and Jane? Where was Jane?

by Susana Lázaro from NA1C

tuprai said...

thanks for starting Susana! good luck!

antonio jurado said...

Hi! I am not a writer but... what the hell!

One year more… my friends are not available on Halloween... To the hell with all of them!! I am going out tonight... better alone than poorly accompanied.

As any other teenager I suit up for this special night... I am ready to success!! My favourite pub is completely dressed for the occasion: skulls, cobwebs,... and amazing Halloween pumpkins (10 pounds for the winner: Burn them in beverages!!) Suddenly, I find the eyes of a gorgeous girl... her eyes are fixed on me. I have no doubt; I start to approach her, avoiding losing the line of sight but... her face turns and she starts to talk with her friends. Well, better luck the next. I decide go out and take a stroll.

There are a lot of groups of young boys and girls on the street, all of them are chatting and laughing each other, and as usual, no one is aware of my lonely steps. What is wrong with me? I sadly walk during hours and after a while I realize that my feet have carried myself to the graveyard. I stand in front of a tomb and the first ray of the sunrise reaches my back. I decide to lie down over the grave... home sweet home.

by A.Jurado (A2D)

Monica Stacconi said...

now, this is getting interesting :)... I hope to see more posts along this week ..

tuprai said...

by the way boys and girls...i forgot to tell you that the story needs a title ;)

Susana Lázaro said...

Ooops, sorry. My story is called 'The Girlfriends' Collector'

antonio jurado said...

The most common error in Spain... ignore the instruction manual.

The title: The lone knight

Carol Garcia said...

Hi everybody! I’m going to tell you a real story about ghosts and spirits that took place many years ago. Here it is:
“My brother-in-law had died some weeks ago because of lung problems and we missed him a lot, he was a good person. We bought a new house; it was beautiful: it had a large hall, 3 different bedrooms for my 4 children, a very big living room and a marvelous bathroom at the bottom of the hall. At first, we were very comfortable there, but with the passing of time, weird things started to happen. At the beginning the lights switched off and turned on alone, in the morning the bathroom used to appear with the lights on. We thought that that problem was something related with electrical circuits, but it wasn’t.
Like I said before, I have 4 children: the baby spent the nights with my husband and I, two of them used to sleep in the same bedroom and my only daughter slept alone in one room. Every morning, my daughter’s room appeared with both beds undo and one day I asked her: ‘’Honey, why do you lie down in the other bed every night?” And she answered me: “I don’t mum, he sleeps in my room, and I hear him breathing all nights.”
With the pass of the days, it started to happen more things: the doors knocked alone and I couldn’t open them, the pans fell down in the kitchen… One thing that I have seen with my own eyes was a ball bouncing in the middle of the living room and getting to the trunk (that ball appeared at the bottom of the trunk, under the other toys)
But what made me take a decision of moving to other house was something that happened while I was watching a film with my husband. We were alone in the sitting room watching a film because our children were sleeping. I was leaning over the table and suddenly I noticed a shove in my back; I thought that my husband did it so I said to him: “You’re idiot, don’t push me!” And he answered me: “I haven’t done anything”. 10 minutes later my husband was leaning over the table too, and all of a sudden, someone had pushed me strong again in the back. Now I saw that my husband didn’t do anything. I went to the bathroom to check my back and I saw a red mark of a hand on it. I was very scared of that so I wanted to move as soon as possible.
The last night in the house was strange, too. My little son had an electrical motorbike so it needs to be connecting to a plug. We were sleeping carefully in the middle of the night and suddenly the electrical motorbike started to move. It was spinning around our bed. I woke up startled because of the noise. When I held the handlebars I couldn’t stop it, it was like someone were doing force on it. All of sudden, it stopped. I couldn’t sleep that night more.
We sold the house and nowadays I know that this beautiful house has been sold many times because of on it happen weird things. I don’t know what or who was in there but I believe in something. Maybe it was my brother-in-law, or maybe not. Who knows.”

tuprai said...

Carol what's the title of your story? (and by the way..it is three times the length it should be lol..nobody read the instructions :)

Carol Garcia said...

Oh sorry! My story si called "Haunted house"
Yes...but I couldn't summarize it more!

Laura S. said...

Adv 1.
Angie's jokes
Hello, I am Laura and I am going to tell you a story....
Once upon a time there was a pretty little girl, whose name was Angie, she was beautiful but at the same time she had a evil heart.
She liked to make suffer animals and when none was watching she loved to paint the death of all her friends.
When the people started to realize how was she, they attempted to leave her alone with her spooky behavior. This didn't work and the situation got worst.
She started to make practical jokes and one horrible day, she was found death in her brother's wardrobe.
She had tried to open the doors but she couldn't. Since then, her friends have died one by one and the story said that they always find a letter, it says "Hi I'm angie and you will see me tonight".
After that they just have to go to sleep and.... she will be the last person they see....

But maybe she gets impatient and she is now behind you!!!

Monica Stacconi said...

Title: Don't trust the little girl.
Raquel got the same road every day to come back from school to home but one day for a strange reason she decided to go by a different one. After walking some meters she found a little girl who was crying because her cat was lost. The little girl pointed at an old house and she said:
- My cat is inside; please help me to rescue it, I´m afraid.
Raquel went to the house and entered, the door was opened. The cat appeared and she followed it until a room perfectly decorated with dolls, nice toys and one little horse that was swinging. A family picture was on a table: a father, a mother and a little girl, the girl was looked like she was found outside the house.
Raquel was afraid, she turned to the door and the little girl was bloody and she was crying disconsolately and said:
- They killed me and they will do the same with you.
Next day, Raquel´s body was found without life as the little girl´s body was found some years ago.
And you ask yourself, Why do I know this history?
I was the little girl and I would like you bring me my cat. by Susana Agudo NA1-C

Monica Stacconi said...

guys, as you can see I just published another story written by the other Susana in the Adv. 1 group..she didn't manage to create an account and publish it herself..let me know if any of you willing to post a story are having trouble doing so...

Wisel Eleadan said...

Only you can save humanity!

I’m almost out of ammo. I’ve been fighting only for a couple hours, but it seems it’s been ages since everything started. Only a few demons left between Jack and me. I’m the hero, just in case you didn’t realize, and only I can save the mankind…

Every year, at Halloween, demons arise from hell. But this year is even worse: The Devil was trapped by a human called Jack, who managed to organize every demon, succubus, skeleton and such kind of horrors from underworld. He sent hordes of them from Hades to the Earth. I defeated tons of them, but now… I’m surrounded and I’m the last hope of…

- Honey? Can you stop shouting at your computer and make your homework? – a voice from downstairs said.

- Oh… I’m in the last level and it’s very hard, can I make them later, please mum? – I begged

- I’m not going to repeat it…

I’m almost without ammo, I’m surrounded by hell creatures and I’m just the border line between salvation and humanity extermination… but all of that must wait! After all, Jack isn’t as scary as my mother by far.

Written by Javier Mediero from NA1C

JDCT said...

Hi. I am Jose Daniel Criado from NA1F. Although my story is not really spooky, I want to share it with all of you. Its title is "The lost man":

Suddenly Sam woke up and a second later he started with quite a painful headache. It was dark and it smelt as if it had been raining some minutes earlier. He was lying down on the grass in the cementery trying to understand how he had got there.

After a while he went straight towards a little church, thinking that the main door should be near. Despite the darkness he managed not to fall down in any of the holes and fortunately he was right about the main door, which was also open.

Once he was out of the cementery, he called his girlfriend, Rosa, in order to ask her for picking him up. Strangely she accepted and told him that the journey would take her about 30 minutes.

While he was waiting for her girlfriend, sitting down on a bench, he heard a weird noise, louder and louder, caming from the cementery. A moment later the main door opened suddenly making a strident noise and Sam could see someone heading towards him. Without thinking, he started running away and a few metres ahead he gladly saw his girlfriend's car, which made him calm down. Finally Sam could see no one following him, and realised that he was safe at last.

Dani Alonso said...

The dark room
I´m on a dark room… Somebody is playing a song with a violin…but where? I can see a digital clock… It’s 23:59:30. It’s missing 30 seconds to 00:00…there is an old piano…there is a window…It’s raining…I think there is a shadow throughout the window, but who could be? It doesn’t matter…oh! There are toys walking around the room… I can hear somebody crying… It’s so strange… There is a table too… in the table is written the number 31… wait… wait a minute… oh damn it! Everything has stopped… the rain has stopped, the window is completely fogged… where is the violin’s sound? I don’t hear anybody crying… everything is in silence… where are the toys? Someone has touched the piano!!! Who is over there? (Nobody talks) Oh my god! The number of the table has changed… now the number is 1!!! Oh!!! I can see the clock…it has stopped at 12!!! I’m so scared that I’m going to…

Susana Lázaro said...
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