Hello boys and girls, a new post for you (both those who are through with the course and those who are still having exams).
I thought it would be interesting if you wrote a short review of a recent film (perhaps new releases) that you have seen (and discuss it with other mates who have also seen it)....here's an outline of how your review should be written:
1) brief summary (2 lines)
2) state your opinion of the movie (strengths and weaknesses)
3)What characters did you most identify with?(why?)
4) So, do you recommend it or not?

well then...who's going to kick off..?


lucia d. said...

Hello Monica: I only remember one film: " Historia de una violencia" conducted by David Cronenberg and the main character is for Vigo Mortessen.

Brief summary: There is a fight in his restaurant and the whole past of his live become again.

The movie has strong contrasts between a happy family vs. the violence of the world, but has very good strengths all time.

I identify with the main character a lot, because I don´t like violence and I look for peace and love and respect in my live like him.

I strong recommend this movie. It is not indiferent to you.

Monica Stacconi said...

Hi Lucia, I also liked "A History of Violence" (I usually like Cronenberg and I definitely like Viggo Mortenssen :-P)..
I think characters with a double life/personality are always interesting. Well, actually, characters with an unknown past are interesting, it gives the director a lot to play with and complicating a character in that way, not knowing what to expect, makes the plot more engaging.
By the way "life" (live is a verb ;-))

The Doctor said...

Hello Monica,
How are you after your hard day with your cheeky monkeys' exams?
Recently I have seen a film: Millenium 1 , The girl with the Dragon Tattoo( Los hombres que no amaban a las mujeres ).
Summary: Forty years ago , Harriet Vanger a young girl disappeared off the island inhabited by the powerful family Vanger.There was no corpse,no witnesses, no evidence. But her uncle is convinced that she was murdered by someone. Michael Blomqvist, a journalist, is hired by Harriet's uncle to investigate. Afterwards Lisbeth Salander a weird girl with some tattos helps Michael with the investigation.
My opinion: I didn't like the film because recently I had read the book and is much better than the film. I suppose that always the book is more complete.
Above all I identify with the character of Lisbeth Salander, a weird girl , a wonderful hacker, clever and a solitary girl with a complicated past.
I recommend reading the complete books of Stieg Larsson. Wonderful thriller books.
See you soon.

Monica Stacconi said...

Thanks Doc, I haven't read the book or seen the film. I gather a lot of people have read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, in fact, it is a best seller. Have any of my blogges, students, friends, cheeky monkeys read it?