hello guys, did you know that there is more to a monkey than a "cheeky monkey"? Well, I have a new task for you (film reviews in the post below are still welcome, though :-))
Here's a list of expressions containing the word "monkey". Choose one (only one, to give other people the chance to do their own research) and explain its meaning:

1- to monkey around
2-monkey business
3-to have a monkey on one's back
4- monkey wrench


lucia d. said...

Hello Mónica: I choose "Monkey business". I think it is the person who makes trick in his/her business, could be?

The Doctor said...

Hello Monica,
I chose the word " monkey wrench", perhaps the easier to explain.
It's the typical tool used to tighten the nuts of our sink , washbasin or dishwasher for example.
A big hug for you. See you.

JoseAngel said...

Monkey business is a classic Marilyn Monroe pic. Gentlemen prefer blondes, but then I'm not a gentleman.

Monica Stacconi said...

mmhh not exactly Lucia, not just in business anyway.
Jose Angel ! ahhaah! you are misleading my students, but yes...very famous film

Monica Stacconi said...

Doctor, well done. isn't it funny that we call it "llave inglesa"?

Lok18 said...

Hello anybody!!!
I've chosen "to have a monkey on one's back"
Do you have a drug addiction in order to be the most happy person in a group??? If you have answered yes, consequently, unfortunately, you have a monkey on your back. ;-(