Link for intermediate levels

Hello my cheeky monkeys...here's another link I was told about by my colleague Laura, it's about London, going through all the situations you might encounter as a tourist there....it's got listening, conversation practice, grammar, phonetics....overall interesting. It's on the BBC page learning English, but here's a direct link to the activities...enjoy :-)



Elena said...

Hello Mónica! How are things? Long time no see!
I'd like to visit all these websites you put here for us kindly. But maybe, I'll do it in summer because now I'm studing topics and designing a teaching plan for my competitive exam for Primary Ed.teachers (last week of June more or less).
So,I'm really stressed and worried about it; above all, I'm worried about the exposition of the teaching plan, because... I'm afraid of speaking in English for and hour and half!I think that's too much for me...Let's see.

Good night Mónica and all bloggers!
See you! Hugs.

P.D: At least, I'm happy because I have passed NI1 at EOI :-)

Monica Stacconi said...

Helena! sorry for replying so late!
I have had so much to do I have just remembered about your post!
Congratulations! And good luck for your public exams.
I assure you that if you have to speak you will ! ahhahaah