HEY guys...the course is coming to an end, especially for intermediate 1 students, who will take their exams next Monday. Well, here is another link for cloze tests, sent by my student Lucia. Thanks Lucia



Patricia Domínguez said...

Next Monday? Wow that's pretty soon, isn't it?

Hi again monica, your blog is great, and i really like the links you provide to students...

Monica Stacconi said...

hey Patricia...yes...we are starting soon with levels one, due to the continuous assessment thing.....this is their penultimate exam this course..if some of them get 50% of all the skills done along the year...after this week they will be already in level two...if not...they have another chance at the end of May ..that's how I did it this year (6 short tests for each skill, except the speaking which amounts to 4. Of all these they need to pass half of them, being a pass in May compulsory....weird hey? I am exploring links everyday...which reminds me I must post another one hahahah...feel free to pass them over to your students :-)