Hello old and new students.
The time has come for our traditional ministory contest. 


Your story will be submitted here as a comment (which means you will need a google account/nick and password). The story will have a TITLE and be 15 lines long max (anything longer will have to be modified to fit the length required); it can be related to anything spooky, scary or Halloweeny
The deadline for posting stories is 21st October (inclusive).
Once all the stories are entered I will provide another space/post for you all to vote the best story (from 22nd  Oct. to 27th Oct ).
Once we have a winner, the story will be read in class and he/she will receive a little prize. There will be some follow up activities as well.
Do not forget to post your story together with your nick/name and the group you belong to (the letter)
Good luck everybody, I am looking forward to reading your creations..


Elena T said...

TITLE: A freezing atmosphere

It was raining that night. I was lying in bed, but I could feel the cold raindrops inside me, so I decided to get up and look through the window. It was dark, the storm had already begun. I went downstairs trying not to make a sound, but the wood crackled with a sigh. I was barefoot and dressed in the white nightgown my mother gave me for my twelfth birthday before she died. The kitchen light was on. There was my grandmother, to whom I was very close. She looked tired with glazed eyes as if she had not slept for several weeks. The atmosphere of that room was freezing.

- Grandma, why are you crying? Are you ok? - I asked her with astonished face.

But she could not see me. The thunders sounded louder and the wind rumbled furiously in the living room windows. I could not recognize my childlike face in the mirror but an assertive child with a penetrating look. He transmitted me his message without speaking. Was I dead?! Maybe I did not overcome the high temperature last night or maybe my demented aunt tried to poison me for the second time.


Monica Stacconi said...

hi Elena! thanks for kicking off! I am looking forward to reading more stories :)

Paula Sanz said...

Where am I? I can't remember how I got here, just her eyes. Those beautiful baby blue eyes looking at me like if I was her more precious treasure. But then all changed and now I'm lost in the pure darkness of my thoughts. And that is the most scary place I can imagine.
Small pieces of my memory come back, my hands on her throat in a sweet caress that made her moan in pleasure.
Then I realize.
I am in a river and her baby blue eyes are stained with fear, that daring feeling. My caress is choking her, she can't stand my love. I look to the marks I'm leaving and I smile for my little mischief. She screams and shout while her life leaves in her last breath.
she has never been this gorgeous.

Monica Stacconi said...

good for you Paula! it gave me the creeps ;)

Miguel Fernandez said...

TITLE: The Limping Man
It was raining, as usual, and Lucy had already started to hate her new house. Her parents had moved to the countryside because of her father's job and now she was completely alone she was fed up.
All of a sudden when her parents had gone on a trip, Lucy saw a man next to her house, she didn't give it any importance as there were some houses nearby, but the presence of this man started to be suspicious when she realised the man was a little closer every day. Such was the case that one day this man was looking directly through her window. She quickly closed every single entrance to her house, but the man continued there. That same night while she was sleeping, she woke up and saw that man sitting next to her. She started to run and the man ran behind her with his limping leg through the house screaming: "Lucy, talk to me!". When she was corraled in her parents bedroom, she went straight to the wardrobe. Once she was hidden she realised, it was empty. Where were her parents clothes? "They have just gone for five days", she thought. While she was absorbed with her discovery the limping man opened the door. Now she could clearly see a wooden crucifix on his chest.
Now, everything was clear, she was dead and this man was the person in charge to chase her out, and she would never let this happen...

Marcelo Lino TV said...

Central Greece, Thermopylae | 480 BC

Greece the country of art, philosophy, gypsy faith and mythos.
480 BC an year to be remembered, Greeks against Persians, passion against power.

Dark and bloody raining nights were taken.

- Gods! Where are you? The gold soldiers shouted many times, trying to see anything more than only bodies without soul and faith.
After nights who becomes day and day that become nights, for just one night the truce appeared.

According to Herodotus maybe that night should never happened, from one side the gold soldiers trying to sleep, and from the other side the sand soldiers were resuming forces but something strange happened. There was no one in the battlefield but whinnying started to be listening, shouts of despair and rage also but suddenly whereas all were bewildered the rain began to fall and a giant black slick was divided in two parts, one part went straight to the gold soldiers and the other to the sand soldiers. The men soulless felt fear for the first time, that giant slick with monsters faces and hundred arms into took all of them to the underworld, where the suffering is to live forever...

The gold soldiers saw their ending, and they still suffering in the underworld but this 31 of October they will return to avenge of all their gloom and it will be our bloody end.

By | Marcelo Lino, Advanced 2 - Group E |

Francisco Javier Avalos Luque said...


It was a dark night, that day was Hellowen, like every year Paul and Cathy wore typical clothes for that night, they started asking for sweets and candies around the houses which every year they used to call and said: "trick and treating". Suddenly they saw an old big house which they never had seen. Paul saw a shadow in a window, the shadow seemed an elderly woman anyway they knocked at the door, after three minutes an elderly woman, Margaret, appeared and said: "My little kids I was waiting for you, I have cooked a cake for you". They came and Margaret was making an enormous pumpkin. Inside the house everything were spooky so Cathy began to fear and she wanted to leave.
Margaret showed them the house and everywhere it had pictures of two babies. At midnight Paul and Cathy had to go because your parents were waiting at the end of the street. They told the story of the house to his parents but they didn't believe anything.
Next day the went to the house but surprinsingly the house had disappeared.
Legend says that a long time ago an elderly woman died in a strange circumstances and from time to time in Hellowen Margaret and the house appears, what's more only can see them two people and you can imagine who are the photos fo babies.