THE WINNER................

Hello everybody, after your many votes last night we finally have a winner :).

Congratulations to Complicedelaley (aka Vanesa, Advanced 2-E) with 10 points. Her terror wooden house has definitely made an impact. 

Given the success of this year's contest and the many stories, I feel compelled to award a second prize. 
It goes to Ewe (aka Raquel, Advanced 1-D) and her "delicate girl in a brutal world" which got 6 points.
We will celebrate during your classes today and tomorrow. Thanks all for participating and for presenting us with your imaginative, funny, thought-provoking, surprising,  haunting and blood curdling stories.
I can't finish this post without mentioning the other tales that were also voted: 
Rosa's Bloody Whatsapp, Esmeralda's Errant Hypnotist, Miriam's play between dream/reality, Liia's Special Client, Diego's Witches!, Manuel's Death and the Clown, Isa's Blue Door, Carlos' Thoughts of a Scythe murderer, Jessica's wonderful poem GRR GRR, Sergei's Aliens and the Zombies. 
And thanks to all of you who contributed.
See you in class....Happy Halloween

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