Hello students, new and old, as is usual in this season, I am going to hold a mini-story contest.
All my students, regardless of their level, can take part and enter a story. As to voting..anyone following the blog can vote their favourite tale.

Here are the regulations:

The story will be submitted on this blog under this Halloween post, as a comment (you will need a Google account registration and a nick-password to "sign" your comments).
It cannot be longer than 10 lines and has to be creepy, spooky or related to Halloween.
The deadline for posting stories is 24th October.
Once the submission period is over, all of you (even those who didn't participate) will be able to choose their favourite mini-story (by posting a comment indicating their preference).
Voting time will be from 25th to 29th October. 
Once we have the most voted story, the winner will be congratulated and given a little prize in class.
Good luck and enjoy the contest!


ana said...

fortyAMBER Ana Oliva Alonso (NI-2F)

We`ve always heard stories about how dangerous Ouija boards are, but
they are just a game.

Mary wanted until midnight to play our little game, and four of us, Sarah,Jessie, Mary and me, started by asking all kinds of silly questions.

It was a strange-looking board, covered with letters and symbols. The instructions called it a planchette.

Then, the planchette suddenly froze in Mary's hand.

Mary turned her frightened blue eyes toward me. "I am not doing it".
I grabbed the planchette but.....suddenly a kind of electric shock buzzed through my fingers......,and the planchette moved under my fingers.

"Help, help me".

The planchette didn't stop moving , until Sarah cried out."Who are you?"

"A-m-b-e-r" my name is Amber.I am eight years old".
"What's a wrong?"

"Water.Danger.Help.Scared."The words spelled out as fast as my hand could move.
"Call 1-1-2" "Quick. Amber is in danger".

By this time, Sarah was gasping into the phone. Then she hung up.

They wouldn't listen to me"

"She's gone"

"See if you can contact her again". "We need to know if she's okay!"
I picked up the plastic planchette again. "Amber, are you there? I asked softly, afraid of what might happen.

After a long pause, it moved slowly across the board and spelled out the words: "Too late".Water. Flood. Drowned......
The planchette stopped. I knew that Amber was gone.

None of us got much sleep that night. In the morning, we had a quick breakfast and then looked up the news on the internet.

None of us were surprised to read that there had been flash floods the night before. I read the names of those who had died in the flood.

One of the victims was an eight-year-old girl named Amber

Monica Stacconi said...

Hi Ana,
thanks for starting. My students this year don't seem to feel like writing anything..
Your story, I see, is taken from an American Folk story.
Next time (and for those students who are going to post a story) I'd rather you wrote the story yourself, in your own words, without copying and pasting from internet texts.:-)
thans for kicking off anyway :-).

Monica Stacconi said...

I forgot boys and girls...try to write no more than 10 lines as stated in the regulations :-)

Jose Francisco said...

Last year all my family and me went abroad on holidays. We rented a cottage in a forest, a big, vast and dark forest. It was a wonderful experience but….
First night, I felt something strange, I heard some unusual sounds, maybe because of the cottage was built on wood, and then a door closed whit a loud noise by itself. I thought it was due to the wind, but there wasn’t any wind at that moment.
Next day, my sister told me that some sounds of footsteps woke her up, she thought that maybe could be her husband, but he was slept next her.
Last day, when we were going out of the house to return to Spain, We heard how the entrance door slammed, despite we had closed it.
I know it sound like a typical, boring, horror story, but I assure it is true…… or maybe not…

José Fco. I-2-D

Ewe said...

The tutu wasn't pink, or white, as it usually is. But you didn't know that until you open the lid. Then you could see a little girl, so beautiful at first, so terrifying later. She was lied on a red sheet, wearing a black tutu. The music started and nothing happened. The girl got up slowly with a deep sadness in her eyes. You could heard the old sound of her knees, like if they were going to break down. Even if you put attention, you could heard the tired beats of her mechanic heart. She was crying in an empty dark silence. You want to ask why she´s there, you want to bring her out of there! She looks at you and whisper with a nostalgic voice: each 31 of October someone comes and open my music box. Every 31 of October I became to life, just for two minutes. I awake and I feel again all the pain I felt. The pain which killed me one 31 of October lots of years ago. So her life was that, just waiting for the death. Time and time again, every Halloween.

Raquel Esteban NI 2F

Diego Bragado said...

Everything started when all my guests left my home.
It had been a great birthday party,but I was exhausted, ther were a lot of friends and a lot of presents;all was perfect.
One present was very special. I didn't understand why my ex-wife gave me a spider, we had a good relation and she knew I wanted a spider(we didn't have one because she hates them). It was very nice.
When I was in bed I felt nervous, like something was wrong or strange. I couldn't sleep. I began to feel scared and suddenly I looked under my bed,it was full of poisonous spiders, they wanted to kill me, but I started to run as fast as I could. I ran out of my home.
The next day the spaiders disapeared, but every year in my birthday,at night,I look under my bed and sometimes...
Have you look under your bed.

Monica Stacconi said...

well guys, I am happy we finally have some stories :-) Intermediate two students seem to be more inspired than Advanced 2 students...:-)
There are still a few hours to go before we start voting..:-)

José Mª NA1-D said...

José Mª NA-2E
It was a cold and foggy winter day, I got up around 6:45 or so, as every day. This day I felt a strange feeling like if I had had a nightmare which was not possible to be remembered by me; the fact is that I waked up a bit frightened. I took a shower and as it usually happens, the mirror steamed up, I usually remove the mirror steam with a hairdryer before starting to have a shave, but that day when I was cleaning the mirror I realized that there was a fingerprint in it. I tried to remove it without success, approaching to the mirror I realized that the finger prints was on inside the mirror, I tried to scratch in the mirror surface when suddenly my hand was sucked down by the mirror. I was scared to death, so scared that I fainted. The next thing I remember was my wife’s voice so far telling me, “Wake up, wake up or you’ll be late at work”. I felt relived thinking that it was only a dream!!!

Monica Stacconi said...

good Jose.M.! finally someone to represent Advanced 2 groups!
there is still one story missing from Ketty, who couldn't post it..let's see if she manages to send it by email and I can post it myself.
From tomorrow up to the 29th all of you guys can vote your favourite story.:-)

Monica Stacconi said...

Brian was playing in his own in his bedroom when he heard a strange voice which came from basement. Brian didn't know what to do because he was very curious but at the same time he was really scared. Finally he decided to go down quietly. He turned the light on and he saw nothing, but he carried on listening to the unfamiliar voice.
Suddenly a big pumpkin appeared rolling behind him. He screamed strongly when he saw a pumpkin which was crying because it didn't have a smile. Brian got the knife quickly and he drew an enormous smile on the pumpkin's face. Then, He decided to put it outside along with the other pumpkins and he lit a candle inside it. But something unexpected happened afterwards…this harmlees pumpkin ate all the others staying happily alone in the garden.

Queti, Intermedio2 F

Jairo León said...


My neighbor's phone was ringing. I was ill at home. Through the wall I heard the phone ringing again and again. I got out of bed. I knocked on my neighbor. Nobody answered, but I heard voices of children laughing on the other side of the door.

Nobody opened and I went back to bed. As I turned, I saw that my door was closed. And I had left the keys inside. Then I heard that my phone began to ring nonstop. And in my house I could hear the laughter of children. But, I have no children, I thought.

I went upstairs. Phones were ringing in every houses. I ran to the street to get help. Streets were deserted. I screamed, but nobody heard me. I asked for help but I was alone.

Suddenly, I heard cymbals sounding behind me. I turned and I saw a monkey playing cymbals requesting silence. I stopped dreaming and I concentrated my mind on English class.

Mario Fdo. Martínez Rodríguez said...

It is always the same!
Once again I am arriving late to my English classes... I pick up my bike and get into the elevator to reach the street.
As I get on my bike and start pedalling I feel today is not as any other thursday. No cars are moving along the street, no people are walking on the sidewalk, no dogs are pissing on the corners, and it is time for all of that. It is 16 sharp!
But I continue riding my bike, reaching one roundabout and another... all of them are also empty!
Finally I arrive at the school, and my only feeling is that I am in the middle of a ghost city.
After securing my bike at the entrance I suppose there is nobody in the corridors because they are all in class already and I am the only late comer, but my class door is closed... and my last feeling is an overwhelming freeze hiting my back.

Darkness and cold will remain until my last neuron switches off.

Proyectos I said...

Raquel Esteban NI 2F

Proyectos I said...

Liia Lavinia Vesa (NA1D)
Halloween Storie:

There was a stormy afernoon.Charlie hadn´t had a lot of clients that day, tired and upset he was wandering through the city waitting for someone to say "taxi"!
The weather get worse when sudenly he saw on the sidewalk a woman under the rain with a black coat.
The woman made a gesture and Charlie stoped the car.The strange woman came inside and almost wishpering she said " to the theatre please".While he was driving ,Charlie could see through the mirrow the woman´s face that looked very pale and sinister.When they arrived to the theatre the woman gave a little paper to Charile and she said that he has to go to her husband´s adress in order to charge the trip , and she got off the car very quickly.The taxidriver felt confused and angry and he decided to go and demand the money.
When he arrived to tje adress he saw a quite lonly house , in spite of that he decided to try.He rang the bell and an old man opened the door.Charlie explained him that he met his wife in the taxi and he wanted to be paid.In that moment the old man become very sad and he said that it was impossible because his wife died many years ago while she was playing in a performance. Then the taxidriver, very spooky, took out the little paper and showed it to the old man who said: I can´t belive it , it is her handwritting....