Hi boys and girls,
here, as I promised Alicia, are a few sentences to translate into English...you can hand them in along this week :-)
1- No estaba acostumbrado a comer pescado, pero cuando me mudé a Japón tuve que acostumbrarme.
2- Cuando vivía en Inglaterra solía ir al trabajo andando todas las mañanas
3-Solía ser tikismikis (vocab learnt these past months) con los horarios de las comidas, pero cuando empecé a compartir piso con otras personas me acostumbré a tomármelo con tranquilidad..
4-Si nos acostumbraramos a ver la tele en Inglés aprenderíamos mucho más rápido.

ok, there it is....looking forward to reading your translated sentences..


Mariluz Mateos said...

I didn´t use to eat fish, but when I moved to Japan I had to get used to it.
When I lived in England I used to walk to work every morning.
I used to be picky with the mealtimes, but when I started to share flat with other people I got used to take it calmly
If we get used to see the television in English, we´ll learn more quickly.
Mariluz Mateos (A1 F)

Monica Stacconi said...

hi Mariluz, finally I have found a moment to answer you.
The first two sentences are ok. In the third one, I'd eliminate the article "the" before mealtimes since the context is very general. Plus, the verb after "to" must be "taking".
The same applies to the verb in the fourth sentence. It should be "seeing" (better "watching") .
In fact, in "get/be used to" the key idea is that the following verb is -ing instead of infinitive.
see you in class :-)

Antonio Nistal (NAIF) said...

Dear Miss Monica,
After taking some classes I have to stop due to my obligations in the Army: In a few months my Unit, the Parachute Brigade is going to be deployed in Afghanistan.
But I would like to express my sincere gratitude for all the efforts you have taken during this course. From the day one, I enjoyed each and every class of yours and used to look forward to go to school everyday.
I really appreciate the way in which you helped me learn English language which is one of the subjects I always dreaded. However, by making the lessons innovative, you not only helped me in getting good scores, but also in developing a keen liking for the subject. I also thank you for encouraging me to participate in the class.

I thank you again for all the wonderful work you have done and wish you all the best for your future endeavors.

With Kind Regards,

Antonio Nistal Fernández,
Note: Please say good-bye to my fellows, and don’t suspend them!