Good luck Intermedio 2

Some of you will take their oral exam today.It's  just the first step towards the obtention of the B1 Certificate, but it's an important one, due to the difficulty of showing your level in a few minutes
a few tips:
-Cover all the points requested in the cards.
-Show your level, the structures and vocabulary you have learnt this past year ( a basic level performance may be a fail, even if your grammar is correct. Basic content and basic grammar is NOT what is being assessed for this certificate) 
-Make sure you speak enough (otherwise teachers won't have enough information to assess you)
-Avoid monopolising conversations. If your partners cannot "get a word in edgeways" because you are talking all the time, this attitude will be penalised in the "adecuación a la tarea/interacción" section.
And by the way, check the Feel the Power link in My Favourite Links for podcasts websites...

Good luck boys and girls....don't forget there's a street protest in favour of public education this morning. It starts at Plaza Cervantes at 12.00

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