hello boys and girls,
"sumer is ikumen in" as the 13th century, Middle English song goes ("summer has come").
Your exams are well past, some of you are already on holiday, others working...but wherever you are, don't forget to keep in touch with the English language, especially if you failed your certificate exam in June.
Since there were so many problems with the writing tasks, for both Intermediate Two and Advanced Two levels, I have thought it might be useful to post a link where you can find lots of examples of formal letters (of all sorts, commercial, complaints, etc.).

Remember to stick to the register required by the task, cover all the points (in an equal way) and stick to the topic/points; all the vocabulary and grammar learnt this year are welcome, but do not force structures into the letter ; above all, your text must be easy to read and understand.
have a good summer,

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