hi guys, upon request of one of your classmates, I am uploading here the sample we examined in class (I am referring to the transparency concerning task 1 of your latest February mock exam :-)).

In brackets you will find some alternative phrases


TASK 1: Enquiring about a bookshop offer (formal email/letter, approx. 190 words)

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing about your advertisement on the web and would like to receive more information regarding the books available, more specifically what genres and titles you have currently in stock.

Since I am interested in practising pronunciation as I read, I would like to know about the nationalities of the narrators whose voices have been recorded on the cds.

Besides, I would also be grateful if you could give me more details about the shipping: can the cd Rom be delivered to an address outside the EU? (/I am interested in knowing whether the cd can be delivered….)

As no information about payment has been included in the advertisement, I would like you to inform me (let me know/tell me) what kind of payment methods are accepted by your company . If it is fine with you (if you have no objection), I’d rather use my PayPal account in order to avoid credit card fraud.

Finally, I would appreciate (it)if you could send me a complete catalogue of the CD ROM books which are currently available, either in PDF format or by ordinary mail (my address is enclosed below).

I look forward to hearing from you (thank you in advance for your assistance/I would be grateful to receive any information available as soon as possible)

Yours Faithfully…..

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