This link will prove useful to those of you who need to improve pronunciation.
Here you will find some classic tales read by a native speaker.
Since it also provides the texts ,the tales could be used in order to better your pronunciation.
You can try to read out loud some lines or a paragraph and then check your pronunciation with that of the narrator and try to imitate it.
Alternatively, you can just listen to the stories and enjoy them :-)


Iván said...

Hi Monica!! sorry for writing here but I don't have your email to send you that usefull information. Please check it and redistribute if you think there will be people who are interested in:


It's a good oportunity to learn english...even if you're recorded by a video-camera.

Have a good time and don't eat too much "polvorones".


Ivan Diaz (NI 2 Group I)

Monica Stacconi said...

Hi Ivan (sorry for this late reply, I was away). I think these skype lessons are a good option for students who have difficulty finding someone to practise with (and are willing to pay for it).
Alternatevely, If you google "skype free english conversations" you might even find other students around the world who would like to practise like you guys :-), at least, it was like that a few years ago..its' just a matter of browsing...
season greetings ;-)