Hello to all my students. As you know Halloween is approaching and as last year, there is going to be a writing contest. This time instead of writing on paper you will use this blog to post your mini-stories. If you are a new student of mine, you only need to click on the Halloween ministory contest post, register (in order to sign your posts with a username and password) and post your ministory (through the comments window).


-The story must have a title
- it has to revolve around the Halloween topic
- it cannot be longer than 100 words
- it must be written by one of my students attending intermediate 2 or advanced 2 classes this year
- the deadline for posting your ministory: 23rdOctober

-You can vote from 24th to 26th October, leaving a post with the title of your favourite story.
-Anyone registered on this blog can vote, even students who have posted a story and ex-students of mine.

The student whose story gets the most votes by October the 26th will be awarded a little gift (English learning material)



Monica Stacconi said...

Rafa boy, I read your comment (it's sent to my email address before it gets posted) but couldn't post it due to an error of Blogspot.
You can write again if you wish, for I changed the settings..let's see if it works .....:-)))) sorryyyyyyyyyyy!
By the way, are you not attending classes this year?

Silvia said...

They had just moved to their own second hand flat. Everything seemed to be perfect but problems didn´t waited long to appear. At a certain time at night a terrible roar waked them up but they were not quite able to explain it: hadn´t it been a vibration? They could have bet, they had felt their bed moving lightly, the walls vibrating. No, it wasnt´possible. It had to be the hated dustcart! But everytime it happened, their little son stared attentively somewhere. Months later they were told the woman who lived there before they moved, had deceased there alone and insane. She used to slams the doors and to move the furniture at every time,especially at night.

Monica Stacconi said...

Here's a story by my student PILAR, who couldn't post it herself :-)


My brother and his friends had decided to walk naked through the cemetery at Halloween night and I decided to get my revenge the disappearance of my frog MATILDA, after my brother last party in the garden.
It didn`t seem easy, bearing in mind that I feel panic the cemeteries , specially by night, but I remembered the priest, PACO, talking furiously against people that perturb the rest of dead that night.
So, I sat in front of my computer and I did some pamphlet which said this: TERRIFYING HALLOWEEN PARTY, ALL-IN, PLACE: CEMENTERY. Don’t forget your “Murderer frog” fancy dress. I handed out them in the neighbourhood, of course I sent one to my parents and the priest Paco.
Self-satisfied, I lay down on my sofa waiting the big night.


Alejandra said...


Karen drove back home after a hard day of work. While she was driven on a dark road her car stopped near an old house. Then she realized she was listened to a sad song which was sung by a young woman. It’s sounded too hypnotic that she had the necessity to go into that strange house she’d never seen before. When she opened the front door, asked if there was anybody, but she didn’t get any answer. The room was full of dust, the furniture was covered by clothes and there were lots of cobwebs everywhere. Then she saw in the bottom of a door that there was a candle light inside. She tried to open that door but it was locked. She decided to go on her road, but suddenly the room’s door opened itself. As she could see a shadow went out the room and passed through her. Everything around her became dark.
It’s Halloween’s day and some children ring the doorbell.
-Trick or treat.
Karen gave them some sweet and while the children left the house, she touched the neck. If you looked at her carefully you could distinguish two small marks in it.

Julia Casero said...

It was the end of the course and a group of students were in a train to start an unforgettable journey. Suddenly, the train started to move and, unfortunately, it derailed and it burnt down. Lots of people died in this accident. Only six people survived. They run to a near village to ask for help, but when they arrived, they realized that this village had something strange, the people were really weird, with pale faces, without any expression on them, and also, they were injured. But they were very familiar to them. Then, they understood what they had in front of them… they were their friends! Their dead friends! They tried to escaped but they had no way out…

Joaquín said...


The sound of children playing and running in the street was audible even with the TV on. The young man finished his dinner, and went to the bathroom to brush his teeth. He saw himself in the mirror looking really tired, but with a strange light in his eyes. Suddenly, he realized that he can’t hear the children anymore, and that the TV was off. He looked back to the mirror, where he saw his reflection smiling at him. A shiver went down his spine while the reflection dragged him into the mirror, for never coming back again.

Charo said...

THE LLORONA. Over the last eighty years, Mexican citizens have informed about a woman who cries and screams asking for her children who apparently are lost. She was rumored to have killed them because her madness, so that is why her poor spirit was condemned to wander for the eternity. This horrifying experience use to take place every moonlight. Nobody has never seen her, but it is believed that if you find her in the middle of the night, you must run away before it would be too late, since she could take away your soul and turning back to the lives world would not be possible nevermore.

RA said...


I’ve never forgotten my first Halloween. When I was child I lived in a small village in the South of Spain and I was in primary school. One year when I started the school appearance a new teacher named Emilio, well his real name was McMilan but as it was very difficult to us pronounce we putted a nickname. We didn’t have idea about Shakespeare language so you can imagine as was us class, we did understand nothing. Only Mr. Francisco, the school director, knew some English or it thought us. Mr. Francisco went classroom by classroom to explained that Emilio was organizing a party on October 31st. and although Mr. Francisco used to organized school parties and he wasn’t very happy finally let to Emilio prepare it.
Everyone had to go to assembly fall at 11 a.m. At last the day came, we was waiting out of assembly fall until the door was opened, all was dark only we could see something because there were candlelight but when my eyes was able to see more almost everyone had gone out as quickly as they could; girls crying, boys pushing, teachers looking for school director. I could see an skeleton smiling, an pumpkin with a candle inside, some toy bats hung from ceiling, something like a ghost and trays with candies. Suddenly came in Mr. Francisco with red angry face took to Emilio out of assembly hall and out of the school. I was alone eating candies and smiling, I felt happy.

Silvia said...

Hi, Mónica. I´m Silvia. I just forgot to give my post a name. Please, could you add it for me?

I would call it: Home, shuddery home!
Thank you.

Monica Stacconi said...

Hi Silvia, I am afraid I can't change the content of your posts (just delete them). So...I guess our readers will read your latest post and realise the title of your story is:
Home, Shuddery Home ;-)

Jose Ramon said...

Hi,boys and girls
I've read all the stories pleasantly, but from my point of view the best is R.I.P. Matilda, funny and original. Its opened-end makes you think about the possibilities which would continue the story.