hello boys and girls, yes, I am still alive, only too busy lately :-)
Here's a very good link to a Canadian site (French/English) where you can find lots of activities related to health and medicine, our latest topic for Intermediate II Enjoy :-)



filodoro said...

En mis tiempos aquí se hablaba en inglés, pero si vale el chino (o japonés) también vale el castellano, jejeje.

Pues nada guapa, era solo por saludarte y ni siquiera te he dicho quien soy... Soy Alberto (Becerra) supongo que no te acuerdas, me diste clase de 3º en la EOI de Alcalá hace 2 años, por desgracia he estado muy liado y no he podido volver a la escuela, pero me he acordado de ti y mira, te pongo unas líneas. En fin, no creo que te acuerdes de mi, pero si quieres ponerte en contacto conmigo lo puedes hacer en becerra(guión bajo)adan(arroba)hotmail.com.

Espero que te vaya todo muy bien.

Un abrazo.

Monica Stacconi said...

hey Albert! the previous comments were probably left by a troll or intruder. Didn't have time to delete them these days.
Thanks for the greetings, I remember you were always sitting with the same little group of people in that 3º class.Things and levels have changed in the school ever since :-)
Hope you haven't forgotten all your English and that you're doing fine

filodoro said...

My English, as you can see, is still as bad as it used to be. I'm glad you've finally got standing in school of Alcala, as you wanted. I don't live in Alcalá anymore, I live in Torrejón now, and some other important things have changed in my life, e.g. I've got a child now, but he's living with his mother's family. I hope you feel well and if you see someone of my old group of people maybe you could get grettings to them by me. Be happy.