hi boys and girls, here are a few pictures taken yesterday at the English department Xmas party. We had a cake, haiku and bookmark contest (in these pics most of the cakes had not arrived yet....ehehe) and a couple of shows starring this Australian bloke (whose real name I can't remember ha ha ha) which made us split our sides laughing....my ribs ached from laughing so much..we really had a good time! Well guys...HAPPY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYBODY! I will be in Italy for a few days and will have a look at the blog if I can (Valerio might let me use his computer perhaps :-)))).


The Doctor said...

Hello bloggers,
Today is Christmas Eve and I wish for everybody the best for these days.
All your dreams come true, specially these wonderful days of Christmas. Days to be with the family, friends and people you love. Days to give presents.
¡¡¡Happy Christmas people!!!
¡¡¡Happy Christmas Monica!!!
Your friend. See you.

M.Carmen said...

Hello people!
I wish you a Happy New Year!!

A big hug for you.