Hi everybody, if you feel like reading more in English (perhaps you had enough with the Xmas compulsory book and tasks hehe) have a look at this:

Birth of the Jersey Devil retold by S. E. Schlosser
A storm was raging that night in 1735, when Mother Leeds was brought to bed in child birth. The room was full of woman folk gathered to help her, more out of curiosity than good will. They had all heard the rumors that Mother Leeds was involved in witchcraft, and had sworn she would give birth to a devil. .......

Would you like to know how it goes on? Well, here's a link for American short stories (they ARE really short, so no much effort is implied) related to local folklore (local here means "belonging to different US states" of course :-)).
It's highly recommendable to revise past tenses for narration (and , in passing, the irregular forms of past tenses and participles). Enjoy.

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